A Few Tips For Selling Your Gold Or Jewelry

If you have hit upon hard times and need a bit of extra cash, you may be trying to find the phone number of the person who advertises to buy your spare gold. At first, you may be wondering if you have any spare gold, and if it is of any value. Go search through your jewelry box. There is bound to be a piece or two you never wear, or perhaps a broken piece or only one earring of a set. Gather it all up and take stock of what you have. Before placing the call for the buyer to come, here are a few tips to ensure you get the most out of your gold.

Separate the Karats

Gold jewelry is not pure gold. Pure gold is too soft to be of any value in jewelry. A gold buyer is only interested in the actual gold. Separate your gold by the karat weight. The 24k gold has the most gold in it and will be worth the most. If you were to hand it all over to the buyer, he or she may weigh it all together and pay you for the lower karat weight value. This can result in a much lower price.

Consider Each Piece

A gold buyer is interested in the gold content of the jewelry. If there are any gemstones in the piece, you should remove them and try to sell them separately. If you cannot do this, before contacting a gold buyer take the pieces to a used jewelry store or even a pawn shop. The stones and design of the piece could make it worth much more than just the gold value. Keep in mind, though, they do not offer the highest price for the gold content.

Know What You are Selling

If you are in a tight spot for money, you probably don’t want to spend any to get an appraisal on the piece. However, you can take the piece to a jewelry store or pawn shop to find out how much each piece weighs. Go in and ask them how much they would pay for each item, and then tell them you will think about it after they weigh and price each piece. Contact a few buyers to ask how much they are paying per gram of gold once you know how much you have. This way, you will have a good idea of how much you will receive.

You may be surprised at how much money you have sitting in your jewelry box. Some you may sell to a gold buyer like Revell JH Jewelers And Goldsmith for the gold content and some may go to a used jewelry store or pawn shop. No matter which way you go, you are only getting rid of things you don’t want or use any more, and it could help pay a bill.

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Five Steps To Get Started Collecting And Investing In Silver Coins

It is hard to know where to invest your money. You may not want to put money in the markets or in a savings account. You may want to have something more tangible, which is what you get with coins. You can invest in gold and silver coins to start building your assets. This is not only something that will give you a solid investment, but it can also be a fun hobby. Silver coins are an affordable way to begin your endeavor. Here are the steps to start investing and collection silver coins: 

1. Know Your Coins Before You Get Started Collecting

Before you get started collecting, you will want to know the different types of coins. These are basically divided into two categories. The first of these is the bullion coins that are produced for investment and are usually valued by their weight. There are also numismatic coins, which are coins for collectors, which can be special mints, coins that have been in circulation and rare historic coins.

2. Deciding On An Objective When Investing In Coins

You will also want to decide on your objective when collecting coins. If you are doing this for a hobby, the value of coins may not be as important to you. On the other hand, if you want to build assets, you will want to pay special attention to the value of coins to make your collection a valuable investment. This can include buying bullion, as well as rare coins that are worth more than their weight or face value. 

3. Making Secure Investments In Silver Coins For Collections

Once you have decided on your objectives, you will be ready to start buying coins. You will want to buy your coins from reputable dealers. Major mints also allow numismatic collectors to buy directly. There are also third party dealers that sell coins that are not available from mints. These silver coin dealers can have a lot of the rare and valuable coins you want to add to your collection.  

4. Buying Bullion And Specialty Coins For An Investment

If you are building a coin collection for your assets, bullion and rare coins can be a great investment. You can buy bullion from many different mints. If you are investing in silver, you want to make sure that it is 99.9 percent pure, which is the purest silver bullion. You can also buy silver coins from mints at the market price of silver. Look for the coins that have a limited production, which will ensure that they increase in value as they become rarer.

5. Collecting Rare And Numismatic Coins To Add Value To Your Collection

Another good way to build your investment is to find rare numismatic coins. These can be silver coins that have a limited production from mints. You can also find coins that are so rare, their value may be much more than their weight or face value. One good example of this is the US Nickels minted between the 1930s and 1960s. Most of these are worth a couple of dollars but some are worth more than one-hundred dollars.

These are some tips to help you get started investing in silver coins. If you want to start buying coins or have some to sell, contact a silver coin dealer (such as American Precious Metals Inc) to get the help you need with your coin collection. 

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Cement Your Lifelong Friendships with Monogram Necklaces

All of us have a core group of best friends whom we remain close to for life. That’s why friendship jewelry, including monogram necklaces, can be so meaningful. Creating matching monogram necklaces can cement those lifelong bonds and remind you why you became friends in the first place.

Benefits of Friendship Monogram Necklaces

The benefits of designing and purchasing friendship monogram necklaces are similar to those of friendship bracelets, which include the following:

  • Staying close to friends over a long distance
  • Creating of a reminder of your friendship
  • Containing hidden meanings and metaphorical importance for your group
  • Giving each of you a cool and decorative piece of jewelry

Choosing the Metal and Decorations

Now that you’ve decided to make monogram friendship necklaces, you need to choose the type of metal you want to use as well as its color. Gold and silver are often utilized in friendship necklaces. These metals are strong and sturdy and are generally quite handsome with their yellow and silver colors. However, they may also be tinted different shades by the jewelry maker. If you are allergic to metal or want to try something different, acrylic and glass necklaces are also available.

After choosing the necklace material, you can decide on its decorations. Monogram necklaces can be adorned with a wide variety of materials, including these:

  • Diamonds
  • Gems
  • Decorative glass beads

Picking a Meaningful Monogram

Typically, the letters in a monogram necklace need to have some type of meaning for the person wearing it. Personal monograms usually reflect the person’s initials, but a friendship monogram necklace won’t have room for all of your initials if you have a group of several friends. That’s why it might be wise to focus on either first or last name initials.However, you may also choose letters that represent a shared experience. For example, if you all met at Lincoln High School, the initials could read “LHS” or some variation.

Giving Them Out

Try to make giving out your friendship monogram bracelets a special event, as simply handing them out without fanfare is a little boring. Fun ways to distribute your friendship monogram necklaces include these:

  • In a gift card given out the next time you meet
  • As Christmas gifts wrapped up in a large, bulky box (to generate some humor)
  • Wrapped around a nice bottle of wine
  • Hidden around the house with clues directing them towards the hiding spots
  • Tucked in mailed care packages filled with even more friendship items, such as bracelets, favorite chocolates, or framed pictures

By now, you should be chomping at the bit to create and distribute your meaningful monogram jewelry. Contact a jeweler near you and don’t be afraid to invest some real cash. After all, your friends will appreciate it for a lifetime.

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New Moms: 4 Ways to Turn Financial Stressing into a Free Blessing

Nothing is more rewarding and yet more nerve-wracking than bringing a new baby home. In truth, you need to invest more than just love and time into your new bundle of joy; you also need to invest money.

On average, it costs approximately $3,500 for each hospital stay to deliver a baby. Even more jaw dropping is the fact that it is projected to cost the average U.S. middle-income family approximately $245,000 to raise a baby born in 2013 to the age of 18. Fortunately, there are ways to decrease that financial stress by gearing up with free baby items.

Buy, Sell, Trade

Many companies and websites now promote the idea of a buy, sell, and trade market. You can find many of these markets located on social media pages as well as throughout newspapers. Enter a search query for buy, sell, trade companies and you will quickly find several thousand results before your eyes.

Buy, sell, and trade markets are great for acquiring free things for your new baby. You could perhaps trade off something you no longer need for credit or for gently used baby items. For example, perhaps you no longer want or need your game system. Playing video games might seem difficult with a new baby in the house.

You can box up the game system and trade for baby items with a similar value. Therefore, selling a game system worth $200 or $300 allows you to choose baby items within the same value range. Perhaps you can score a free stroller or a free crib that way. You may also be able to find free baby samples online.

Make Use of Friends and Family

Do you have a family member or a friend whose child is now growing older? You can talk to your friends and family members to see if they have anything you can use for your baby. They may have anything ranging from clothing to burp rags, baby bedding to unused diapers, and more.

Find Local Organizations

If you find yourself financially struggling, there are many organizations near you that are willing to assist you in acquiring the things you need for your infant. For instance, churches are often willing to help with the cost of a car seat or a safe, suitable crib for your child.

Organize a Mommy Swap Meet

A mommy swap meet has a similar concept to that of buy, sell, and trade markets. However, in this instance, you might be able to both obtain free items for your baby and make a few friends while you are at it.

Pitch ideas to the moms that allow them to all benefit from your swap meet. The moms can all discuss what types of items they need and what items they have to trade. As the organizer, it will be up to you to keep track of everything, such as in a spreadsheet.

Once you have everybody’s information down, you can begin organizing who is going to swap what for what and with whom. This is a great way for busy, financially strapped moms to make life a little bit easier once there is a new baby in the house.

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What You Should Know About Investing In Gold

Do you sometimes find yourself in a financial bind that is hard to come out of? If you want to make sure that there is a way to make money in hard times, you should consider investing in a few pieces of gold. Find out in this article why investing in gold is a smart way to get financial security, as well as where it can be sold if you need some quick cash.

Why is Investing in Gold a Smart Thing to Do?

The best thing about gold is that it is available in many different forms, which gives you the option of collecting coins, jewelry or anything else that you can find. You don’t have to worry about your gold being in top shape, as the only thing of concern is that it must be real. If you happen to resell the gold, the dealers will usually melt it down and use it for creating something else. So if you find a badly tangled gold chain, there is no need for you to untangle it before selling it to a dealer.

Investing in gold is smart because it is a precious metal that is always in demand. However, there are times when it is in a higher demand than others. It is a good idea to get into the habit of watching the stock market if you want to know when your gold is worth the most money. Knowing when gold is in high demand can also help you avoid selling it for a price that is lower than deserved.

What Kind of Dealers Can Gold Be Sold To?

Pawn shop dealers are usually willing to loan money gold items, and you can actually get the items back if you pay the loan off. You can also sell gold permanently through a pawn shop if you don’t want the items back. If you want a good deal on your gold, you may want to visit a dealer that is strictly in the business of buying and selling it. Gold dealers will sometimes send you envelopes in the mail for shipping your gold items to them, which can be convenient. When they receive and inspect the gold, you get money deposited in your bank account.

No matter where you decide to sell gold, you can count on it bringing you some income. If you have any gold already, get in touch with a dealer like Atlas Loan & Jewelry Co to find out how much money you can get!

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