How To Decorate Your Son’s Room With A Car Theme

Is your little boy fascinated with cars? If so, then you will definitely be his hero when you decorate his bedroom with a car theme. Here are some ideas that may inspire you to create something unique and fun as you decorate. 

The Floor – Is there already established flooring in your little boy’s room? If so, it would still be a great touch to buy a big area rug that has a pretend city on it with roads as part of the design. If you do that, your son can play with his collection of cars as he makes believe that they are going from one destination to another. If you are selecting brand new flooring for his room, consider concrete that an artisan can faux paint with roads across the United States. Some good ones to include would be famous ones like Route 66, the Pacific Coast Highway, Blue Ridge Parkway, US Highway 1 and Great River Road.   

The Walls – One great idea would be to select wallpaper with antique cars or modern sports cars as the design. Or, paint the walls in his favorite color and enhance them with a wallpaper border of cars. Another choice would be to stencil cars over the doors and windows in his room. Framed posters of famous race car drivers or framed movie posters would be a great addition to the room. Some movie posters that would be good would be old ones like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or The Absent Minded Professor.

The Decor – Select bedding with a car motif on it.To make life easier for your son and for yourself, buy just a fitted sheet and matching pillowcases, but no top sheet. At the bottom of the bed, have a folded solid color comforter that he can just pull up at night. In the morning it will be super easy to just fold the comforter and plump the pillow to get the bed looking nice. Since he loves cars so much, he probably already has car shirts and car T shirts that he might have outgrown. If so, consider turning them into throw pillows. Don’t sew them into traditional square or rectangular shapes. Instead, just fill the shirts with batting, keeping the sleeves and even the buttons on the pillow. 

More Shirts – With Christmas coming up, you have probably already decided to buy your son new car shirts. You’ll be his hero! In fact, don’t forget to buy an oversized one that he can use as a night shirt. Those same car shirts can be part of the decor of his car-themed bedroom. A great touch would be to get colored plastic hangers that will hold the brand new shirts as you put them on wall pegs or on a clothes tree.

Don’t forget to take pictures of your son in his new shirt. Then frame the picture and put it on his chest of drawers so he can see how cute he is!