A Few Tips For Selling Your Gold Or Jewelry

If you have hit upon hard times and need a bit of extra cash, you may be trying to find the phone number of the person who advertises to buy your spare gold. At first, you may be wondering if you have any spare gold, and if it is of any value. Go search through your jewelry box. There is bound to be a piece or two you never wear, or perhaps a broken piece or only one earring of a set. Gather it all up and take stock of what you have. Before placing the call for the buyer to come, here are a few tips to ensure you get the most out of your gold.

Separate the Karats

Gold jewelry is not pure gold. Pure gold is too soft to be of any value in jewelry. A gold buyer is only interested in the actual gold. Separate your gold by the karat weight. The 24k gold has the most gold in it and will be worth the most. If you were to hand it all over to the buyer, he or she may weigh it all together and pay you for the lower karat weight value. This can result in a much lower price.

Consider Each Piece

A gold buyer is interested in the gold content of the jewelry. If there are any gemstones in the piece, you should remove them and try to sell them separately. If you cannot do this, before contacting a gold buyer take the pieces to a used jewelry store or even a pawn shop. The stones and design of the piece could make it worth much more than just the gold value. Keep in mind, though, they do not offer the highest price for the gold content.

Know What You are Selling

If you are in a tight spot for money, you probably don’t want to spend any to get an appraisal on the piece. However, you can take the piece to a jewelry store or pawn shop to find out how much each piece weighs. Go in and ask them how much they would pay for each item, and then tell them you will think about it after they weigh and price each piece. Contact a few buyers to ask how much they are paying per gram of gold once you know how much you have. This way, you will have a good idea of how much you will receive.

You may be surprised at how much money you have sitting in your jewelry box. Some you may sell to a gold buyer like Revell JH Jewelers And Goldsmith for the gold content and some may go to a used jewelry store or pawn shop. No matter which way you go, you are only getting rid of things you don’t want or use any more, and it could help pay a bill.

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