Unconventional Methods For Quitting Smoking

It’s often been said that quitting smoking is one of the most dramatically positive goals you can give yourself for improving your health if you’re a smoker. There are some surprising approaches available now to make this easier.

Fast Benefits from Quitting

Despite the difficulties inherent with quitting, such as cravings and headaches, getting off of cigarettes is enormously beneficial in the end. This is due to the reduction of risks such as heart disease.

In fact, a recent study has shown that those who quit smoking have their risk of heart disease return to normal in just 15 years. This effect isn’t as dramatic if you smoke a pack a day for more than 32 years, but it does seem to be the case in all other situations. The trick is finding edges that can help you get over the barriers to quitting.

Use Social Media

Despite a lot of the hype around social media being potentially dangerous in various ways, studies have come out recently proving that using social media has surprising benefits. One of these is that those who are on social media sites such as Facebook have an easier time kicking their smoking habit.

The study looked at specific apps on Facebook that used social pressure to help users quit. After three months of using apps that had this approach, a full 32% of the smokers who tried it were able to quit. This is over twice as effective as common other approaches such as support gained through phone lines.

It’s easy to forget, but social pressure is a powerful force for changing behavior, and showing the world your attempts to quit is starting to look like a surprisingly effective method for those desperate for the health benefits.  


It’s not often that people advocate trying to quit one drug habit by picking up another, but there’s some evidence to suggest that e-cigarettes are a surprising exception. According to Addiction Journal, those who try to quit smoking without using a professional succeed 60% more of the time if they try e-cigarettes than they do when they don’t use e-cigarettes as an aid.

E-cigarettes like those from Vapoligy allow you to modulate the amount of nicotine in the vapor you breathe in, which can be a useful mechanism for weaning yourself off of the drug. This way, instead of trying to quit “cold turkey” you can slowly go down without losing the feeling of smoking, which is one of the factors that leads to craving cigarettes and failing to quit in the first place.  

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How To Display Your Family Treasures In Frames

Have you been going down memory lane and finding treasures that you want to display? Perhaps you have been looking at family picture albums, or you have been looking at old jewelry and other treasures. A perfect way to keep them safe and to display them is by placing them in special frames. Here are some ideas for you to make your display unique and lovely.

Pictures – A lovely way to display old pictures is to place them in frames of different shapes and sizes. Oval frames mixed with round, square and rectangular ones just add interest to a grouping. Select a vintage look for the frames. If they’re going in a formal setting, consider gold or deep brown for the frames. If they’re going in an informal setting, consider rustic wood, which would be charming.

Clothing – If you have a pair of your grandmother’s gloves or your grandfather’s bow tie, you are indeed lucky! Handkerchiefs, scarves, even baby bonnets are adorable when they are framed correctly. And, if you want to do a collage of different items of clothing, your custom framer will be able to group them in an artistic way. Consider using old-fashioned wallpaper as the background for these items.

Memorabilia – What better way to save things like letters, old recipes, awards and other certificates than by placing them in a frame? A darling touch is to pair a recipe with the picture of the person who wrote it and frame them together. The same goes for any other documents, as this personalizes the items that are being framed. Coordinate matting and frames to bring the pieces together.

Collectibles – Did somebody in your past save thimbles, spoons, or other collectibles? A perfect way to display them would be to place them in a shadow box frame. Even old wooden spools look adorable in a shadow box. Military badges, pins, earrings and other pieces of jewelry are other objects that would look nice in a shadow box. Even though they would look beautiful hanging on the wall, consider placing them on a coffee table or another table where they will become part of a display.

Gifts – Imagine how nice it would be for your family members to receive a valued piece of family history. Whether it is an old wedding invitation, a baby announcement, or a special letter, giving a framed family treasure will always be a sweet and appropriate gift for any occasion.

Contact a professional custom framing company, like Hoosier Highlander, today, and enjoy going down memory lane as you decide how you will frame objects from the past. 

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