Selecting The Best Costume For Your Baby

If you will have an infant or smaller baby around Halloween time, you will most likely want to dress them up for the occasion. Picking out a costume is a fun task, but it should be done with your baby’s safety in mind. Here are a few tips to help you select a costume that your baby will be able to wear without injury or discomfort.

Selecting Material

When picking a costume for a baby, select a material that is soft and appropriate for the weather temperatures where you live. Smaller babies like the feeling of swaddling, so selecting a costume where they are wrapped tightly can give them the feeling of security. Look for a warm flannel sleeping bag costume so your baby’s legs are contained in the same area, helping to keep them warm. 

Breathable cotton material works best in warmer climates, as it is very comfortable and not restrictive in any way. Materials like lace or wool are itchy and irritating to a baby’s skin; it is best not to use them in a costume. Elastic can restrict blood flow, so it should be avoided completely.

Thinking About Convenience

When selecting a costume, think about the hassle of diaper changing. You will not want to deal with several layers of clothing to need to take off when changing your baby’s diaper, as your baby can become very agitated each time you go through the motions. Opting for a simple outfit with a single zipper works best. It can be easily removed and put back on without trouble. It will also be a comfortable outfit for your baby to wear when they fall asleep, as there are no attachments or embellishments getting in the way when your baby wants to rest.

Keeping It Simple

Stay away from buttons, clasps or strings when selecting your baby’s costume. These will pose as hazards if they happen to fall off of the costume. A simple pull-on outfit or zip-up costume works best for a baby, saving you from watching to make sure they aren’t pulling at buttons or eye-hooks. 

When selecting a head-piece, as many costumes have, pick either a costume with an attached hood or a separate hat. Look for a hat that is not restrictive and that is removed easily. Do not tie a hat on to your baby’s head, as this is very dangerous. A hat in a light material will keep your baby looking cute without harm.

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