Provide Cool Bird Houses & The Birds Will Follow!

One of the first signs of spring is the welcome return of all the birds that flew away to spend winter in a warmer climate. If you are a backyard bird enthusiast who enjoys spending hours observing your colorful feathered friends, you know that making them feel welcome will increase your viewing pleasure over the coming summer.

One easy way to encourage birds to nest, incubate and rear their young in your yard is to supply them with bird houses and appropriate, readily-available nesting materials:

What Birds Want from Bird Houses

Whether ordering really cool bird houses online or building one of your own design, always consider the following needs:

  • The bird house must be durable and able to resist wind and rain
  • The interior should have some type of drainage holes to allow any rain that blows in to drain away easily
  • Perches should be omitted to make the birdhouse less accessible to predators
  • The interior should be easily accessed for cleaning each fall after the birds have moved away
  • It should be properly sized and situated according to the needs of the particular bird species it is meant to house

Nesting Materials

While most birds are very good at collecting their own nesting materials, offering them a supply of the ones they like can increase the chances of having them nest where you will be able to observe them easily. The following list will help you know what to provide:

  • Small, dry twigs and pine needles
  • Loose animal and human hair, cut into six inch strands (never include hair or fur that has been treated with chemicals or flea repellants)
  • Snake skins that have been shed
  • Bits of moss and fluff from weeds or plants (like cattails or pampas grass)
  • Fine straw and dry grass clippings (never include these if your lawn is treated with chemicals or weed killers)
  • Spider webs
  • Bits of fabric, thread clippings and shreds of cardboard
  • A small muddy area where birds can easily collect mud to help “glue” the nest together

Encourage nesting birds to help themselves to this nest-building buffet by placing small caches of these materials at several heights throughout the backyard. Place handfuls among dense tree branches, in hollow spots of tree trunks, at ground level around the roots, place some around the yard in clay pots or put some into mesh onion bags and hang the filled bags from trees or on the fence.

Making Nesting Birds Feel Safe

In addition to supplying attractive bird houses and suitable nesting materials, nesting birds will be more apt to choose your yard if the threat from predators is reduced. Promote a safe environment for them by keeping dogs and cats out of the yard. In addition to domesticated pets, squirrels, rodents and snakes also like to feast upon the eggs and young of wild birds, so be vigilant in keeping these pests away from your yard during the nesting season.

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Tips For The New Coin Collector

If you are new to coin collecting and want to make sure that you are giving your collection the best chance possible to survive, it will take compiling the right information. Owning a coin collection is not only fun and worthy of a sense of accomplishment, you’ll also be maximizing on an investment by taking the collection in the way that makes sense to you. In order to protect your hobby and investment, while learning about the best protocol that comes wit the territory, read the following information:

Avoid Contamination Through The Proper Handling

Anyone who has at least a solid appreciation for coin collecting knows that a big part of maintenance comes in how you handle your coins. For starters, you’ll need to be sure that you use gloves whenever possible and hold any coin by the edge, while making sure that you are wearing cotton gloves.

This will prevent any sorts of smudges or acid from getting its way and chipping away at the coin. You will also need to be certain that you are always using a trustworthy magnifying glass, so that you can look closely at the coin without compromising its integrity by getting too close. 

Get A Clear Picture Of The Coin Value

Without a clear representation of what each of your coins is worth, you really don’t have much of anything. Because of this, you will need to subscribe to either an online or print manual that gives you the most recent information on different types of coins. Even if you are into your coin collection strictly for the history and not necessarily the money, it still pays to know what your property is worth. 

Go Through The Proper Channels For Insurance 

Since you take your coin collection serious, you’ll need to also take the next step and make sure that you reach out to a company that can sell you a plan to insure the collection. Whether you stake out a plan strictly for your coin collection, or want to find out about adding your coin collection to your renter’s insurance or homeowner’s insurance, the necessity to protect this investment is vital. This way, you will be covered for your troubles should your coin collection become stolen or lost throughout the course of building it. 

Follow these critical tips, so that you can continuously build the best coin collection to your liking, while also maintaining it. For more information, contact a company like Don’s Estate Jewelry & Coin to learn more.

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